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Where are my windows?

Did you ever find yourself wondering... "oops, where did my window go again"?

Are your application windows sometimes lost in your multi-monitor setup on Mac OSX?

Do you see your window but the title bar is out of reach?

Do you need to reposition your windows after disconnecting external monitors?


In a multi-monitor setup on Mac OSX, windows sometimes get "lost" (i.e., "offscreen") when you connect or disconnect monitors


A little tool can help you... 



Bring'em Back



Bring'em Back is a tool that is accessible from the main status bar. It helps you too:

  • Recover windows that are completely off-screen

  • Resize windows that are too big after disconnecting a monitor

  • Show you all the window positions


See below how Bring'em Back integrates with the main status bar and displays an overview of all windows. In this example, two external monitors are connected additionally to the main screen:


 Please note:

   • Bring'em back can handle any multi-monitor configuration

   • When using Spaces, Bring'em back can only access windows that are on the active space

   • Sometimes windows are not visible for other reasons than wrong window coordinates. Bring'em Back cannot help in those situations

   • For Bring'em Back to work properly, it must be added to the apps that are allowed to control the computer via Accessibility

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  • Matthew G

    This tool works perfectly!!! Works with multiple spaces and does exactly what it says it does. I work with a mac lcd 27" display. When I disconnect and work somewhere else with just the laptop screen, some apps start off screen and I could not get them back until I plugged into the monitor again. Well this sweet little application moves those lost windows back into the laptop display every darn time. One thing I noticed is that if you bring the window back and don't move it, but just close it... It will start next time off screen. But if you bring the window back, then move it to a new spot, it will start in that new spot next time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LITTLE APP!!!!

  • Hi Matthew,
    thanks, glad you like it!

  • awalker

    In yosemite, no special icon appears in the status bar. The app runs, but there is no way to access it. Pls fix.

  • Are you sure it's about Yosemite? I'm running it with Yosemite 10.10.1 without any problems. Sometimes items are hidden if you have too many...

  • Eric T

    I spent a few hours looking for the solution to the problem before I stumbled across Bring'em Back. This app moves offscreen windows back exactly like I was hoping it would.

    However, I would love to be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to the 'Bring'em back (to closest screen)' option. I'm able to assign a keyboard shortcut, but it only works if I first click the BeB menu icon on the menu bar. Any ideas how I could assign a keyboard shortcut that works in any context?

  • Hi Eric,
    sorry for the late reply, there was a technical issue such that I did not get notified about your question.
    I will have a look if a keyboard shortcut is possible.

  • John Denison

    Do you have a version for 10.7.5. My elderly 32bit Mini Mac will not run anything later. I either use screen share or my 40" TV. When switching between the two things vanish.

  • Hi John,
    sorry for the late reply, there was a technical issue such that I did not get notified about your question.
    I think this should be possible. Will have a look.

  • Kash

    Many many thanks for your tool. it worked perfectly in Yosemite 10.10.3 ... Great little tool and saved lot of my time. Once again huge thanks

  • Happy to hear you like it!

  • bob

    thanks for this, it's very helpful!

    is there any chance that you could implement the ability to exclude specific app's windows?

  • No, sorry, I think this is too specific, and I'm already busy with other projects.

  • Andrew

    Hallelujah! Thanks for this tool, does exactly what it says. The drifting dialog boxes in Photoshop have been driving me insane for years.

  • Israel

    Thank you.